Mission statement

Bees are irreplacable for the beauty and abundance of the nature we live in. Their well-being is close to our heart. We create awareness of bees and foster their appreciation by energetic action on all social levels. The bees inspire us. We wish to awaken an enthusiasm for them which leads to practical responsibility. We intend to do this courageously, mindfully and in a way which invites your involvement.

Bee inspired – the holistic view

Inspired by the bee …

Bees and other pollinating insects are vital – and irreplaceable – for our food production and for the diversity and beauty of nature, whether in towns and cities or in rural areas. The global challenges of famine, climate and the maintenance of earth’s fertility can only be met by an agriculture that respects life and is free from artificial pesticides. The roots of the foundation go back to Thomas Radetzki, the founder of Aurelia, and to the practical work of beekeeping and farming. In 1985, the emergence of widespread bee colony collapse drove Radetzki to explore pioneering new bee-keeping methods. The development of nationwide German networks to promote blooming landscapes, education for sustainable development and the protection of pollinating insects led to a uniquely broad expertise which resulted in the founding, in 2015, of the Aurelia Foundation.

The tasks and goals of the Aurelia Foundation

The Aurelia Foundation is itself active operationally and also promotes projects by other institutions dealing with bees and other pollinators. It benefits from an outstanding network of experts, makes new research available to others and combines this with its practical work. The Foundation acts as an expert consultant to institutions and to the political and media worlds. In doing so, it opposes and rejects stances based on dogma or on special interests devoted to purely economic goals. The Aurelia Foundation acts as an independent advocate for Bees, Bumblebees & Co. As and when necessary, Aurelia also fights in German and European courts for an agriculture and a landscape that is life-promoting and -sustaining. Aurelia’s research and educational projects are financed through donations, grants and endowments – and where possible also through public funds. The primary emphases of our work lie in the following project areas:

  • The Bee Advocate
  • Buzz on Bees
  • Bee-friendly agriculture
  • Bees in Education and Art

The public relations work of the Foundation reinforces people’s sense of responsibility for nature and motivates them to become personally active. We see ourselves as part of nature. We live from it, with it, in it and we make use of it. By adopting the perspective of the pollinators we become active in working for a bio-diverse environment that is conducive to life and health. We stand for consistent, positive and comprehensive solutions as well as for developing the necessary transitional scenarios together with all those involved.

Our goals – our vision

The aim of our work is for society to embrace the principles of a diverse, life-affirming agriculture within a healthy, natural landscape. These principles should become a solid and permanent component of public education and culture in the widest sense – and become the foundation from which the political and administrative spheres take their lead. Germany should become the pioneer within the EU for sustainable agriculture and campaign for the preservation of special habitats for pollinators. The Aurelia Foundation is the brand name for independent expertise, determination and creativity in the service of the pollinators. The Foundation must have access to adequate financial means and reserves in order for it to implement and promote the various projects that are required in full independence.