Statement on the authorisation renewal of glyphosate

The EU Comission approved the authorisation renewal of glyphosate for another 5 years on the 27th of November 2017. The Federal Minister of Agriculture voted in favor for the renewal, on his own initiative.

The Aurelia Foundation and its lawyers of the renowned lawfirm GGSC opine that the currently effective authorisation renewal of glyphosate, that had expried in October 2015, is unlawful. Aurelia is taking action against the renewal at the European Court in Luxembourg since 2016.

In October the Austrian environmental organization Global 2000 examined the report of the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) about glyphosate. The overwhelming majority of the texts in essential parts of the risk assessment report of the BfR come word by word from the application for approval from the glyphosate producer. In the application the producer Monsanto interprets critical studies about glyphosate as “not valid “. For Dr. Stefan Weber, who did the plagiarism assessment on behalf of Global 2000, it is “obvious, that the BfR did not evaluate the quoted studies independently”. The basis for the authorisation of glyphosate on 27th of Nov 2017 by the EU Comission therefore originates from Monsanto.

We have requested to create transparency from the competent authorities several times, by binding the BfR to immediatly mark the quoted text passages. Furthermore, it must be traceable how the evaluation of the critical studies has been made.

We demand an end of the EU Comission´s current practice of renewing an authorisation, when the risk assessment is lacking scientific grounds. Additionally, a complete revision of the authorisation practice for pesticides is necessary in order to guarantee transparent and independent research.

With kind regards and our motto “Buzz on honeybee! “,

Thomas Radetzki

Claudia Marxen