Glyphosate in honey

2016 the Aurelia Foundation uncovered the exposure of glyphosate in honey. The critical values for glysophate in honey were exceeded over twice a hundredfold and the honey was there for unsaleable.

The Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food safety (BVL) and other state authorities published thereupon warnings for farmers. But the EU commission and minister of agriculture Schmidt are unwilling to protect bees and honey by putting a general ban on the use of this poison in blooming crops. This is why we are now filing a suit at the European court of justice with the goal of the abandonment of extension of admission of glysophate.
The EU commission rejects the ban on the use of glysophate in blooming crops which Aurelia demanded several times. They are stating: “…it is rather the beekeeper´s responsibility to gather relevant information about the use of plant projection agents before putting his bee colonies in agricultural or otherwise used areas.” As beekeepers we are not going to take this unrealistic point of view. Our tried and tested lawyers, with whom we were already very successful during the fight about GVO in honey, came to the conclusion, that the extension of admission of glysophate in 2016 was not legal. This is the point where we come into play and file a lawsuit at the European Court of Justice for the abandonment of the extension.

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