Donation, financial endowment, legacy

With a donation to the Aurelia Foundation you take responsibility for the realization of the foundation´s aims.

  • Your donation is for the charitable activities of the foundation. You can decide if you want to define the use of
    your donation for a certain project dear to you. Donations are in general subject to the law of prompt use, this
    means, they have to be used for the goals of the foundation at short notice.
  • If you caption your donation with the intended use „for the free assets“, then the Aurelia Foundation is not
    bound to use it at short notice, but can save it,for example,for special projects or responsibilities.
  • For Donations to the foundation´s core assets you are entitled to an increased tax relief. This form of donation
    will not be spent for the ongoing operation or projects of the foundation, but used for the longterm capital
    resources of the foundation.
  • A legacy or inheritance is an intimate contribution for us and reflects the speical trust in the work of the
  • A donation can be very interesting for corporations, since the dedicated service for nature and environment are
    nowadays very important. Such an effort is kindly regarded. Clients and buisness partners appreciate it and you
    can promote projections suited to your brand.