„Buzz on Honeybee!“

More and more people are discovering the fascination that comes from bees. They develop a consciousness for the work of bees and also for their distress. We want to encourage this through continuous public relations work and sharing of information. The campaign „Buzz on Honeybee!“ („Es lebe die Biene!“) intends to give an essential contribution to raise people´s awareness for the topic of healthy bees in a healthy agriculture and to finance projects for the well-being of bees.

Therefore, Aurelia is starting a broad initiative for the welfare of bees with „Buzz on Honeybee!“. Bees are popular figures. They embody diligence and meaningful action oriented towards a bigger picture. They are the ideal starting point for joint responsibility in a civil society in service of the bee, human, nature and sustainable managment.

As a result of the work in collaboration with scientists, media and celebrities, who commit themselves for the well-being of bees, the Aurelia Foundation is able to enhance consciousness for bees the general public.