Motive and goals

Bees are beautiful and complex creatures that inspire us to work and live for the greater good. At Aurelia Foundation, their well-being is our main priority. We strive to raise awareness for their importance in all sectors of society. One of our key missions is to call attention to the harmful effects of pesticides while at the same time promoting organic, pesticide-free food production that strengthens the livelihood of bees and preserves their natural habitats.

The roots of the foundation go back to Thomas Radetzki, the founder of Aurelia, and to his practical beginnings in beekeeping and farming. In 1985, the emergence of widespread bee colony collapse drove Radetzki to explore pioneering new bee-keeping methods. During that time, he developed strong networks and grass root alliances in Germany to promote blooming landscapes, education for sustainable development and the protection of pollinating insects. This led him to a uniquely broad expertise which eventually resulted in the founding of the Aurelia Foundation in 2015.

Today, thanks to Radetzki’s fundamental work, Aurelia benefits from an outstanding network of experts and partners. Aurelia acts as an expert consultant to public institutions and other NGOs as well as to policy makers and the media. Aurelia also acts as an independent attorney to bees pushing for a ban of bee-harming pesticides and GMO crops in front of German and European courts of law. Additionally, Aurelia initiates and funds important scientific research and educational projects. Aurelia finances its activities through donations, grants and endowments – and where possible also through public funds. We structure our projects in the following categories:

  • Attorney to the Bees
  • Beekeeping and Bee-Health
  • Bee-friendly Agriculture
  • Bee inspired! in Culture, Education and Art

Aurelia stands for consistent, socially and ecologically responsible solutions as well as for developing the necessary transitional scenarios with all stakeholders involved. The aim of our work is for society to embrace the principles of a sustainable agriculture that produces not only healthy food but also blooming and thriving landscapes. We call for Germany to become a strong driver within the EU for the necessary policy reforms and to make this change happen.

If you want to know more about us and what we are currently working on, please feel free to contact us
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